EZ Step Products for Growing Hemp



To Maximize Yields and Keep Your Plants Standing Tall in the Face of Driving Wind and Torrential Rain, the Patented EZ Step Plant-Support System Exactly What You Need. Let Us Prove it to You!

For professional growers, today’s unpredictable weather can turn a profitable growing season into an economic nightmare right before harvest. Short of building an armored greenhouse, the patented EZ Step Plant Support System—rugged, durable, and rock solid even in the worst weather—takes the worry out of whether your plants will be standing after the next storm. They will. Period! The Plant-Support System—tested 100% effective with mature hemp plants in 50+ MPH winds and heavy rain—is elegant in its simplicity.

In addition to keeping your plants standing tall, the EZ Step Plant Support System can also help you maximize the yield of each supported plant. When properly supported and pruned, plants put more of their precious resources into producing larger, higher-quality colas—instead of simply fighting against gravity to survive!

A true “two for the price of one” solution—unparalleled physical protection and yield-maximizing support—the EZ Step Plant-Support System is built around a solid steel ribbed-style post with an innovative “step in” anchor that makes the post easy to install and impossible to tip over. Added to each post as desired, a series of fully adjustable polymer support rings, dubbed EZ Rings, in a variety of sizes, tailors that support to the needs of each plant. Designed for years of trouble-free service, the parts are overbuilt by design for multi-season use and are backed by a three-year, no-hassle warranty.  Works great for Hemp, Tomatoes, Roses, and newly planted trees.

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