Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative

Who are we?

The Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative is a Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) organized to provide seed to sale harvesting and processing services to the Industrial Hemp Industry in Colorado. CHPC's focus is on the seeds and stalks of the Hemp plant which can be value-added processed for food, oil, building materials, paper, and many other products.

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Patron Shareholder
$100 / share
Patron Shareholders are traditionally people who are connected to the Cooperative because they are involved in the same Industry. Currently Paton shares are $100 per share. By Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) Statutes, LCAs make no profits themselves, but all distributable profits go directly to Shareholders. LCA Statutes mandate that at least 50% of all Distributed Profits are paid to Patron Shareholders, and the amount they receive will be on a pro rata basis in perpetuity. Per LCA Statutes, all Patron Shareholders get one (1) vote in all shareholder voting issues regardless of how many shares they own.
Investor Shareholder
$1,000 / share
Investor Shareholders are investing in the Cooperative because they believe in the Cooperatives Mission and Goals. Investor Shares are $1000 per share. However, once profit distributions have begun, the other 50% of the distributed profits left (after distributing to Patron Shareholders) will go to paying back the Investor Shareholders their full investment. Once their full investment has been paid back, their Investor Share(s) will convert to Patron Share(s) with the full Statutory pro rata profit distributions accorded to all Patron Shareholders. So, in essence, Investor shareholders get a fairly rapid repayment of their Investment in addition to a Return On Investment (ROI) of 10% (the cost of their Patron Share(s)) plus pro rata profit distributions in perpetuity. Per LCA Statutes, all Investor Shareholders get one (1) vote in all shareholder voting issues regardless of how many shares they own.


Duane and Carly Stjernholm

Duane and Carly Stjernholm

Mission Statement

Utilizing and processing the versatile, hardy, and eco-friendly Hemp plant, the CHPC is striving to be the most:

* Successful

* Beneficial

* Beneficent

Organization On the planet

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